Why choose VNC® Connect?

Provide a consolidated remote access strategy that evolves with your business. Deploy a single, flexible solution that enables new business practices and breaks down ecosystem barriers.

Industry trends are driving an increased use of remote access software


Remote and distributed working

Today, your employees and resources can be anywhere in the world. Colleagues expect seamless access to applications and data whether working from home or on the road. VNC® Connect delivers secure remote access that connects your people to business-critical resources, sharing and collaborating more efficiently.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

An explosion of inexpensive devices is changing the way your business and employees interact. BYOD creates exciting new business opportunities, but it also creates new IT support challenges. VNC® Connect allows your IT team to support a wide range of devices, capitalizing on the benefits of a BYOD world.

Expanding business ecosystems

The traditional boundaries between your internal teams, suppliers and customers are rapidly eroding. Information and systems must be shared between internal and external stakeholders for your business to thrive. VNC® Connect enables everyone in your business ecosystem to securely assess the resources they need to succeed.

A fragmented software landscape puts your business at risk

It’s common for a business to have numerous remote access products. This tactical accumulation increases your costs and creates a significant maintenance and training burden, while exposing you to greater security risk.


Save time and money

A single subscription saves you money and requires less resource to manage.


Improve efficiency

One product for remote access and support simplifies business processes and reduces friction.


Reduce risk

Less software reduces your attack footprint and supports compliance objectives.

VNC® Connect - the only remote access subscription you need


Easy to deploy

Seamless deployment using standard tooling, and convenient management of computers, people and roles.


Simple to use

No special training required for all the people in your team to connect and take control.


Highly secure

Full session encryption, multi-factor authentication and many other security features.


Extremely flexible

Supports a wide range of use cases, not just the IT helpdesk.


Extensive platform support

Enables remote access to the latest platforms and your legacy systems.

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