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Our software is used every day by millions of people worldwide to connect to billions of devices. Since 2002, we have been delivering secure remote access software to a wide range of industries and organizations, from household names to specialized start-ups. “Connect & take control".

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Our customer case studies explain how organizations are using VNC® Connect to reduce the cost and risk of field service activities, minimize downtime and improve the quality of supporting remote computers and devices. These compelling stories detail remote access strategies that also support regulatory obligations and create compelling new revenue opportunities.

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I've worked in the IT industry for over 16 years and used different remote access products. Nothing comes close to RealVNC®. It's an indispensible part of our global IT support strategy.

Matt Smith, Technical Operations Manager

Azimuth Digital

Deploying the software was easy for everyone involved and made it seem as though we were right there in the same room as each of the players.

Walker Keene, Founder

Pratt and Whitney

RealVNC® remote access software is a real game changer. It’s indispensable. It saves us an endless amount of time; we’re not talking about just five minutes!

Rick Pilley, Group Leader

Southern Ohio Medical Center

We use RealVNC® remote access software pretty much anywhere we can from PCs to servers, to virtual desktops. It’s so light, cost effective and easy to use.

Ben Littleton, Systems and Network Manager


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