Device access

Access computers you own or manage at any time, from anywhere

Administer systems, help people and work remotely

Add device access to your subscription, install VNC® Connect on all your organization's computers, and take control.


Save time and money

Deploy a single, cost-effective solution that supports the needs of your entire business ecosystem.


Improve efficiency

Monitor, work and collaborate from anywhere, improving asset utilization and reducing downtime.


Reduce risk

Rest easy knowing remote access is fully encrypted and highly secure across your ecosystem.

Just the features you need

  • Flexible deployment options

    With an Enterprise subscription, remote deployment options are available to quickly deploy, license and configure VNC® Connect on all your computers. Meanwhile, VNC Viewer is freely available to download for anyone who needs to connect.

  • No usage restrictions

    VNC Viewer is always free to use, so as many people can download it and connect as you like, as often and for as long as they need, across any supported platform.

  • Attended and unattended access

    Once installed on remote computers, VNC® Connect enables both attended and unattended access out-of-the-box. If a remote computer user (that is, owner) is likely to be present, you can allow that person to accept or reject incoming connections.

  • Direct and cloud connectivity

    Connect seamlessly via our cloud service, without complex and insecure firewall and router configuration. With an Enterprise subscription, you can connect directly instead, perfect for a locked-down or offline network environment. For maximum flexibility, each computer can support both connectivity mechanisms.

  • Cross-platform screen sharing

    VNC-powered remote control sessions are smooth, responsive and intuitive, work exactly the same way across any supported platform, and our patent-protected technology is perfect for high latency and low bandwidth environments.

  • End-to-end encryption

    Every session is protected end-to-end using 128-bit AES encryption and perfect forward secrecy, for privacy you can rely on. If you purchase an Enterprise subscription, you can configure VNC® Connect to increase this to 256-bit AES.

  • Multi-factor authentication and SSO

    Every incoming connection must be validated by VNC® Connect running on the remote computer; authentication is never delegated to the cloud. By default, connecting users enter the same system credentials they normally use to log in, but you can configure VNC® Connect to use smartcards, the RADIUS protocol, single-sign on, or a combination of second factors.

  • Flexible session permissions

    It's easy to divide responsibility for computers among people by managing discovery permissions online. Additionally, you can configure VNC® Connect on a per computer and/or per user basis to make sessions view-only, or otherwise restrict session activity such as file transfer, printing or chat.

  • File transfer and remote printing

    During a session, you can transfer files to and from a remote computer, and additionally send print output directly to a printer where you are, rather than to the printer attached to the remote computer.

  • Chat with other connected users

    Securely chat with a remote computer owner (if present), or with other users connected at the same time as you.

  • Remote configuration and lock down

    With an Enterprise subscription, you can configure VNC® Connect in bulk or remotely using policy, and lock it down to prevent change by users.

  • Virtual desktops on Linux systems

    With an Enterprise subscription, you can configure VNC® Connect to create virtual desktops on Linux computers. This means you can provide visual remote access to headless systems, or independent desktops for multiple users to run a centralized application simultaneously, yet separately.

Security is at the heart of our business

Principle 1

You don't have to trust RealVNC® as a company to trust our software and services

Principle 2

We do not record your sessions, and data cannot be decrypted now or in the future

Principle 3

Every connection is treated as though it is made in a hostile environment

Principle 4

The owner of the remote computer ultimately decides who is able to connect

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