Secure, easy-to-use remote access software for educational institutions

Deliver outstanding remote learning and support to students and staff, at home or on-campus.

VNC Connect is the #1 fast and reliable remote desktop software trusted by schools, universities and colleges worldwide.

Drastically reduce equipment downtime for researchers, students & staff

Support for teachers and staff 

  • Deliver high-quality remote learning, as if you were in the classroom
  • Easily connect to Windows, Mac, Linux, or Raspberry Pi devices - from any device
  • Conduct remote demonstrations with superior image quality on students’ laptops and tablets 
  • Provide instant IT support across dispersed sites on campus, saving time and resources
  • Achieve significant time-saving by reducing desk-side visits on campus

Support for students & customers

  • Deliver unlimited global training with a small number of licensed servers
  • Help researchers and students get hassle-free remote access to lab computers 
  • Enable students to easily connect to schools’ computers from home devices
  • Provide an engaging and effective learning experience for students with visual impairment and special needs 
  • Students can start quickly: software is intuitive and easy to use

Affordable, secure and feature-rich remote desktop software

From military-grade security to HD audio, VNC Connect's is the budget-friendly solution with all the features you need to keep your students supported and your campus connected.


Low cost – unlimited users on the Device Access plan. With just a small number of licensed servers, you can deliver training to thousands.


Easy to use and deploy. Responsive and intuitive to use. High-speed streaming, high-definition audio, and superior image quality.


Ultra-secure and fully encrypted. Multi-factor authentication and up to 256-bit AES. 


Supports GDPR and industry compliance standards to keep your data protected. 

Superior in terms of performance and reliability - as trusted by leading institutions

Here's how we are helping thousands of institutions like yours:

St Anthony’s School case study

How St Anthony's School uses VNC Connect to provide a positive learning environment for students with learning difficulties and visual impairments.

Arizona State University case study

How Arizona State University uses VNC Connect to support staff and maintain uptime on 1000 devices across campus at the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Blog: remote access for online learning

Covid 19 has brought unexpected challenges to the education system. Read how remote access can help teachers and students achieve their potential remotely.

Robust & reliable screen sharing software for all your educational needs

Connect to a remote computer anywhere in the world, watch its screen in real-time, and take control as though sitting in front of it.
Control, support, administer, monitor, train or work remotely with VNC® Connect.

RealVNC® remote access software has decreased the amount of downtime when our onboard systems do not perform properly, allowing us to increase the amount of time sampling.

- Marc Peters, Technical Support, University of Miami

-Marc Peters, Technical Support, University of Miami Read the full review

RealVNC® provides us with a fast and effective way to support our widespread staff and students. It’s not a big piece of software but it’s fast and really simple to use.

- Damian Nichols, Assistant Director of Technology, Kyrene School District

- Damian Nichols, Assistant Director of Technology, Kyrene School District Read the full review

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