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Ending the data deadlock

11 Sep 2018

Author: Manufacturing, Automation

Why Industry 4.0 will require us to change the way we think of managing big data. Read more.

Why Industry 4.0 will require us to change the way we think of managing ‘Big Data'

14 Jul 2018

Author: Manufacturing, Global

The 2017 ‘Made Smarter Review’ outlined a roadmap for Britain to lead the world in a new industrial revolution that promises to transform society and industry. Read more.

The Future of ATMs in the Digital Payment Environment

05 Jun 2018

Author: Read IT Quik, Global

With the rise of digital payments, the traditional ATM is at risk of disappearing from the high street. Matt Grant, Business Development Director at RealVNC, discusses how financial institutions can innovate cashpoints and revolutionize the way we bank. Read more.

A real-time connection is key to IoT development

22 May 2018

Author: ITProPortal, Global

The first crucial consideration for all businesses is to understand that different IoT devices have fundamentally different requirements... Read more.

Mismatch between smartphone and car industries means infotainment systems are a cyber security risk

15 May 2018

Author: The Telegraph, Global

The smartphone and automotive industries are rapidly merging, with far-reaching consequences that few have considered. Read more.

Meet The Soldiers Revolutionising Bomb Disposal

09 May 2018

Author: The Forces, Network

Three soldiers from Blandford Camp in Dorset have built a machine that could revolutionise bomb disposal and other humanitarian situations deemed too dangerous for people... Read more.

Finding a place for the ATM in a digital payment world

30 Apr 2018

Author: Global Banking and Finance Review, Global

Digital payments have been steadily increasing since the introduction of the contactless card, with new methods of digital transactions growing in popularity... Read more.

How Artificial Intelligence and the IOT will transform customer service

03 Apr 2018

Author: Connect-World, Global

Adam Byrne, COO at RealVNC, predicts how connected technology and Artificial Intelligence is set to change customer service and allay fears over automation... Read more.

IoT unlocks the hidden value of ATM for smart city

09 Mar 2018

Author: IoT Evolution, Global

In the current climate, businesses, products, and services must become digitalized to survive. This is no different for the banking industry... Read more.

An oasis in the cash desert: How UK FIs can reinvent the ATM channel

16 Feb 2018

Author: ATM Marketplace, Global

At a time when thousands of bank branches are closing, the recent news that thousands of cash machines might also close raises the spectre of cashless ghost towns with no retail banking facilities... Read more.

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